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Surly Disc Trucker Di2 Alfine 11 speed

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  1. John the Monkey

    S'nice, but putting all this high tech stuff on an LHT seems all kinds of odd. There are other LHT owners who look askance at me because I have indexed shifting, after all…

  2. Shona & Rich

    You're still using indexed shifting? how retro 🙂

  3. John the Monkey

    Ah, I daresay in five years or so, people will be saying that and meaning it 🙂

  4. Hobnob

    That really is a handsome looking brute. Wish I could ride a frame that size and not the gates in my garage 🙂

  5. Marc

    I'm thinking about building something similar. Surly Trucker Disc + Alfine 11. How much did this build weigh in the end?

  6. Christopher Dunning

    Is there anyway I can get a detailed breakdown of your build? Looking at doing something similar and I really like the way this looks.



  7. Shona & Rich

    Mail the shop Christopher and we can send you a spreadsheet.

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