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Atlas Mountain Race 2020

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  1. Mark Elsegood

    Well done both . Clare and I ( and our tour) cross crossed your route several times and the closest we got to you was in Agdz . We were following your dit’s when we could.Our tour guide wanted to intercept you via the bus but in the end he had to divert to help one his own in the race . Lovely terrain . Well done. Must say the leader when we crossed his path was so so strong.

    1. Shona and Rich Author

      Ha! That’s ace, hope you enjoyed your trip, see you soon.

  2. steven midgley

    Well done guys, spotted you both on the film of the race, and as you said Rich, it gave you something to Blog about. You also said it was awesome, and it certainly came across that way when reading your blog and watching on the film. I would certainly like to give it a go, you two have inspired me to give it a try. I look forward to retuning to some form of normality after COVID and to being able to just drop in to your wonderful shop without having to book an appointment.
    So one question, and I know this is a subjective issue, but what saddles were you riding. Thanks for taking the time to blog : )

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