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Backcountry Research

Simple straps to strap stuff to your bike. Built in Bozeman USA.

We carry three sizes of Backcountry Research straps:

What?Why?How much?
RaceA small saddle (or anywhere) mount strap, just the ticket for a roadie tube and a tiny tool or two. £17.95
MutherloadA larger strap to mount larger tubes, levers and tools... maybe even a Co2 canister. £18.95
Super 8Forget the tubes, this big chap can handle everything from lightweight jackets to big ass phones. £22


  • The “thick sliced” Hypalon makes it a superb strap for riders who use and abuse their gear on a daily basis
  • Grip-strip sewn in to soak up trail chatter and to keep your precious cargo from hula hooping
  • Bartacks used on all shockcord stress points
  • Velcro closure
  • At-the-ready design
  • Picker free and won’t snag or overburden
  • Sewn with #92 industrial UV and rot resistant bonded polyester thread
  • Clean up is easy, hose off or throw in the wash
  • Built in Bozeman USA