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Spurcycle make better bicycle bells and other enduring bike accessories.

This is the bell that launched a thousand copies and none of them are a patch on the real thing.

A bell that’s beautiful with a powerful and enduring sound.

This bell is lovely enough to grace the handlebars of your dream carbon road bike or to give a lifetime of service on your round the world tourer.

Made in small batches these are precision built, come in raw or black DLC (Diamond-like Carbon coating), and are engineered to have a ringtone that last 3x longer than other bells… plus will fit all sizes of handlebars (or steerers)!

We have both styles of of bell in stock, raw at £49.99 and black at £59.99.

Limited runs of other colours too!

Pop in to try it out yourself and see what all the fuss is about.

Good stuff that isn't bells!

Spurcycle Ti tool


order here

The Spurcycle Ti tool, a minimalist titanium tool designed to keep close in your jersey pocket. Ready to use without initiating a search and rescue procedure just to dig it out of your saddle bag.

Equipped with 10 swappable, chrome-coated S2 steel bits. Wrapped in a finely-stitched X-Pac carry case made in San Francisco—with enough space for your extra espresso money. Comes complete with bits 2mm, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, T10, T25, P2

This tool is beautiful, lightweight – a mere 90grms and machined from Grade 5 titanium in Richmond, California and made to the same exacting standards as the Spurcycle bells.

Spurcycle Saddlebag

New Spurcycle Saddlebag.

£ not currently available

Sized to fit a complete collection of supplies. Expands or shrinks as needed so everything stays tucked up, secure and safe from road grime or trail sludge.

No zippers to jam or break. Dropper post compatible, weatherproof, and absolutely secure.

Sewn in San Francisco, California.

Spurcycle Key Clips

Available in titanium, stainless steel and brass £unavailable.

This is no ordinary key clip, made with the same loving precision as their bells each clip is laser cut from a 1/4″ slab of material (steel, Ti, brass), then tumbled for an industrial finish. Each key clip comes with an integrated bottle opener, we all know the importance of staying hydrated.

Robust and rugged like all Spurcycle products these are built to last.