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We love these Widefoot Liter cages and #3 Deuce trowels.

Heavy-duty and lightweight trowel that’s the perfect tool for digging catholes on your overnight trips. This model is made of thicker aluminum, is more than twice as strong as other Deuce models, yet it still weighs only an ounce. Available in three colors: Black, Purple, and Orange. We always recommend following Leave No Trace principles for disposal of waste.

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Weight: 0.97oz (27.6g)
Dimensions: 2.6” x 8”
Made in Colorado, USA by TheTentLab

Widefoot LiterCage™


The Widefoot LiterCage™ allows you to carry your favourite bottles on your bike. Compatible with a variety of 3.5″ (89mm) diameter water bottles including those made by Nalgene and other top brands. Our unique 7-slot mounting bracket allows attachment at multiple positions on frames and forks with two-bolt, or three-bolt mounting systems. Full stainless steel construction provides durability, corrosion-resistance, and a secure hold. Finished in Black. As with any type of coating, the Black coating will show some wear over time in locations where bottles contact the cage.

widefoot litercage



Low-profile Cargo Rack – Made in USA

The original one-piece aluminium cargo carrier. The Widefoot CargoMount™ allows you to securely strap down a variety of bottles, smaller bags, and cylindrical objects to your bike frame or fork. Made of sturdy and lightweight aluminium, and available in Silver Anodised or Black, Orange, Purple, and Blue Coated finishes. Our unique 7-slot configuration allows you to fine tune your installation at multiple positions on frames and forks with three-bolt mounting systems. Weighing just 68g, it’s among the lightest cargo cages on the market.