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Salsa Fargo

Salsa Fargo 2023

Complete Steel framed bike from £2350

Steel frameset with full carbon fork £1090

Titanium frameset with full carbon fork £3000

The Salsa Fargo is available as a frameset in Steel or Titanium or a complete build in Steel. Choose between Matte Black steel frame with a colour matched full carbon fork for £1100 or Raw Titanium with the same feature-rich Firestarter 110 Deluxe fork for £3000. The complete bike, which pairs a Steel frame and carbon Firestarter 110 fork with a SRAM Apex 1 drivetrain for smooth shifting, is available in teal from £2350.


Salsa Fargo 2021
Salsa Fargo 2021
Salsa Fargo 2021

Just two examples of what you could build with the current Salsa Fargo framesets:

Custom Salsa Fargo in Titanium

Take a tour of some of our custom Fargo builds: