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Salsa Stormchaser

Salsa Stormchaser 2021

Complete builds from £1650

Framesets from £1200

The Stormchaser is Salsa’s gravel bike for rides that are predictably tough or unpredictable altogether. We love it and judging by the number of builds we’ve done, you love it too!

Designed for mud and pain. But the Alternator dropouts also allow you to hang a mech off the back and run some gears. If that is more your thing…

There will be completes and framesets coming in May(ish). Plus, there are some gold framesets still available. Give us a call and we’ll get one in sharpish for you.

As always, contact us and we’ll give you all the info.

Salsa Stormchaser 2021

New framesets and complete builds available now:

Stormchaser complete


Stormchaser excels in wet weather gravel rides and races with 40% more mud clearance than the Salsa Warbird. Same plush riding Class 5 VRS and 700c, 650b wheel size compatibility.

Stormchaser Frameset


Here’s a few of our custom Stormchaser builds!

James' Stormchaser
Salsa Stormchaser
James' Stormchaser