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Surly ECR

Surly ECR frameset in 2020 Tank GreenSurly ECR

Note that while the info below may help you framesets are currently unavailable, there is no information on when or whether the 29+ ECR will return to the UK.

Sometimes the only way to break the humdrum of life is with a bike ride off the beaten path. Sometimes just for a quick overnighter, sometimes a month and half fully-loaded through nine countries. The ECR is the answer to those sometimes.

Those familiar with this steel mule know it’s designed around plus tires, previously of the 29” variety. A fully loaded 29+ bike is an excellent way to explore and get away for a while… if you’re of a certain stature that is. For smaller riders, it poses several challenges though. And no one wants new problems when they’re in the woods trying to escape old ones. To solve this, the smaller sizes of the ECR go with 27.5+ while the larger sizes are still equipped with 29+. All you medium-sized specimens out there get your pick of the litter as that size is available in both options.

Other updates to the ECR include and are limited to: Gnot-Boost rear spacing with the updated Troll dropout and a killer new beige paint job. It retains the abundant accessory mounts that you know and love like Surly Trip Guide for brakes and derailleurs, fender, rack, and Bill/Ted eyelets, and a Rohloff torque arm slot. The 27.5+ sizes also feature two sets of Three-Pack bosses while the 29+ sizes have two water bottle mounts and one set of Three-Pack bosses. You’ve got a lot of options to bring all your “necessities” with you and still have room for excess baggage if you’ve got it.



Head to the hills with a custom ECR: