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Surly Grappler

Surly Grappler

A dedicated drop-bar trail bike built for bikepacking excursions, singletrack sessions and all-day dirt rides

The Grappler is Surly’s dedicated drop-bar trail bike. Building off
the customised setups we’ve seen riders experimenting with over the years, it captures a more confident, nimble, and reactive off-road/drop-bar experience.

Engineered first and foremost around a comfortable, stable drop-bar hand position, it offers trail-ready geo and impressive tire clearance for lively all-day rides on singletrack, double track, and gravel, as well as a full assortment of mounts for bikepacking excursions.


  • Trail-ready geo designed around an optimal drop-bar hand position
  • Built from our proprietary ‘Natch tubesets to handle rough terrain
  • Rack and fender compatibility, plus generous frame and fork mounts for highly versatile cargo carrying options


  • Surly Grappler frameset: from £850 (available now)
  • Complete bikes: from £2,099 (here now)