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Surly Krampus

Surly Krampus

Complete rigid builds from £1900
Complete suspension builds from £2400
Frameset £800

The original Plus bike!

Unleashed onto an unsuspecting public 5 years ago – and as they say the rest is history!

New for 2020 choose between complete suspension and rigid builds, available in Tangled Blue and Static Sunset orange.


Surly Krampus 2020 Frameset in Orange
Surly Krampus 2020 Frameset in Blue

As the first “plus” bike to hit the market, Krampus changed the way many people approach trail riding. It’s shown people the light of how high volume, large diameter tires can vastly improve the ride experience. It’s also done a bang-up job dispelling the myth that big tires make you slow.

Krampus is kind of like the opposite of a mullet: long in the front and short in the rear. With a long toptube and compact chainstays, it takes trail-shredding abilities to the next level. A mullet may be business in the front, party in the back but Krampus makes partying its business.

  • Modern trail standards: dropper post compatibility, 44mm headtube, Gnot-Boost rear spacing, thru-axles, suspension corrected fork
  • Compatibility with most mountain bike standards makes it the perfect parts bin bike (no rim brakes allowed though)
  • Clearance for 29″ x 3″ tires

Be very afraid! These custom Krampus builds are roaming the hills: