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Surly Lowside

Surly Lowside

Complete builds from £1700
Frameset £750

Bit of a history lesson for you. One of the first bikes made by Surly way back in 1998 was the venerable 1×1 Rat Ride, they weren’t even called Surly back then. A bike to go to the pub on, ride some singletrack on the way and generally make a nuisance of yourself on! After many years of service the 1×1 has been retired to be replaced by the Lowside.

New features include Gnot Boost rear spacing which allows you to run either a 27.5 x 2.8″ setup or 26 x 3″

Bolt thru front and rear for a stiffer ride (so important when hopping curbs or bunny hopping small dogs).

The Lowside features a 44mm headtube so if running a 100mm of suspension is your thing then your covered for that as well as dropper post routing, just add cable ties on the downtube, no guides there though.

As a complete bike it comes as a single speed, however it does have (shuush) a derailleur hanger should you decide you’re getting too sensible for all this single speed nonsense 🙂  It’s also possible to fit a Rohloff internal hub gear – click here –

Available in one colour only- ‘Dream Tangerine‘ (at the moment), it comes with Sunrise bars and 27.5 x 2.8 Maxxis Rekon+ tyres.

It’s like your favourite bike from your childhood all grown up. Now you just gotta remember you don’t bounce so good when it all goes horribly wrong…