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Surly Pack Rat

Surly Pack Rat

Note that while the info below may be accurate currently the Pack Rat has been discontinued.

UK super limited availability – call to check.

So we all know Surly like a nice utility bike, the more stuff you can carry the better.

Over the years Surly have been experimenting with different ways of hauling stuff on your bike. Rear racks, braze-ons, front racks, and bags. The Pack Rat is the culmination of all those years and is a bike designed to run around a ‘Porteur‘ style rack.

Why the front? Well, a front load keeps the bike nimble and allows you to use your body to steer from the rear.

The Pack Rat’s front cargo-specific design eliminates that steering issues but also rides great without cargo. There’s no need to load it down with cans of beans every time you want to go for a ride. Unless that’s your thing.

Rolling on 26” wheels in the smaller sizes and 650b wheels in the larger ones, the smaller diameter wheels keep the weight of the load lower than a 700c wheel would, thereby improving the Pack Rat‘s handling and ride feel… Plus its fork also includes some handy internal routing for generator hubs so you can safely ride off into the night.

The Pack Rat is the perfect bike for commuters (no more sweaty backs!), credit card tourers, the odd overnight getaway and moving a small dog when the need arises.