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Wheel Building

We build all sorts of wheels for all sorts of bikes here at Keep Pedalling.

Mostly for touring bikes but also for road, mountain and commuter use. First we start with a chat about what you’d like from your new wheels. We match rims and hubs from various manufacturers usually laced up with Sapim Race spokes, unless there’s a good reason to use another model or brand.

Labour charges start from per wheel £30.00 per wheel. 

Rims from Mavic, Velocity, DT Swiss, Stans No Tubes, H Plus Son, Surly, Halo and more.

Hubs are available from Shimano, Hope, Shutter Precision, Pauls, Jones, Phil Wood, White Industries, Rohloff, Halo, Sturmey Archer… the list goes on…

Once we’ve got your wheel build underway maybe it’s time to talk about building a bike around them! Go have a squint at our custom builds and get inspired.